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Look at this awesomeness.

Nyan Cat is complete in Mau5ville. Go check it out. Plot 178. I'm 1337Fapper on there.

Glitch much?

So apparently blind people use drive-throughs at McDonalds.

Gotta love America. Apparently blind people use drive-throughs at McDonalds.

My last few tweets have been lolcats formatted. I'll stop now. *Jolly good sir.*

I've got an unused Female Avatar Sonic Costume for the 360. It's up for grabs. Code in pic.

Jet Set Radio Future looks even better in 1080p! Can't say that about most Xbox Originals.

Wisely said, wisely said.

That's just sad man. They're ruining a classic!

They're making a new Austin Powers movie! Aww yeah!

Apparently gamestop.com/meatsheild doesn't exist.

You pretty much look like Antonio in AC2. All you have to do is grow your mexistache.

I got my swagger shades from American Apparel. #Lookatmenowhater

I was chillin down by the river yesterday in Dusseldorf.

In Germany this is the good stuff from Mexico!

My swag came in. Might see him on July 24th 'cause I'm in Dusseldorf when he's there.

Beautiful board isn't it? I chose every part myself.

Friend of the fam just brought this dog to my house. Cutest thing ever!

Greatest shirt ever by far.