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Just another day at the office.

That's one big croc.

Forgot that I never put up a picture of the greenway yesterday. Here's the sauce.

Sunday night fun with friends.

The wind whips my hair like a majestic Stallion's mane back and forth but gets in my freaking eyes!

What's Mette doing in Batman!?!

Me no gusta cats. Look at my dog. He's so cute!

One does not simply stop eating Kickin Chicken Zandwiches.

LOL! My last tweet with a twitpic link ends with fap.

This is all I have to say to you for that:

I know you'll love this picture.

First match in Dead Space 2 as Human and I go 19-6. Me gusta.

Ah yes. Ingenuity...The death of our fore fathers!

Just did a 3v3 and I dominated with Brolaf. Yes, I got the skin.

That's what's left of my neard.

Pug Life.

I don't want to sound like a douche but I will anyways. Been done since Wed bro.#UMad

That notice from Chase's college is forever immortalized on the web.

Chase just texted me this. Hilarity will ensue. BTW, it's from his college.

*God I'm so high...*

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