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The best TV shows/films/performers often don't take home an award. But by all means, let's overreact & be crazy.

HOW has this amazing Double-Oh-Negative Data Goonies tee not been picked?! Vote now! #fb

THIS is what women around the world are really looking for. This is why it's Darcy over Cleaver any day. #fb

Just saw this on a friend's FB. Know it's stating the obvious, but is seriously made of awesome.

My goal is to spend the majority of this weekend writing. Couldn't get a more inspiring setting to start... #fb

Whoops! So sorry! This was the actual promotional material... ;)

At the Academy of Televison Arts & Sciences...

At the Academy of Televison Arts & Sciences...

At the Academy of Televison Arts & Sciences...

The REAL parasites: Mitt & his rich buddies.

Hahahahahahaha! AWESOME.

Top 10 "freeloader" states are mostly RED STATES. GET A FACT CHECKER so you don't look like such an ass

The freeloaders aren't the poor, they're Romney's dirtbag buddies.

She's from Kenya? #IWeepForTheFuture
PSA: Hey kids, get off your iPhone & do your homework!

So true!

The tour was AMAZING! did a fantastic job! Waiting for 1920
The Mark of Zorro to start! #fb

Waiting in line at the Academy's Linwood Dunn Theater for the Archives Tour!

It's been 3 weeks since Hunger Games was released on DVD & I still can't figure out this Easter Egg. #fb

Just put on Doctor Who: The Five Doctors. <3 the videogamesque menu & Who's Who section to catch you up! #fb

Nerd project completed!! My bathroom now leads to 221B Baker Street!