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Despite Blue Oyster Cult's well-reasoned arguments, I still fear the reaper.

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Take a peek! It's The Witches of Newtwick!

  • 1352 days ago via site
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Newt Gingrich responding to the question: "How many people should be in a marriage?" #Swingrich

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How did tragedy occur on that cruise ship? It set a course for adventure, its mind on a new romance.

  • 1356 days ago via site
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EXCLUSIVE: Four of the five Republican candidates caught in an elevator.

  • 1358 days ago via site
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Mitt Romney, his five wives, and their umpteen children. #justguessing

  • 1362 days ago via site
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So talks broke down. Aren't they supposed to be singing anyway?

  • 1364 days ago via site
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Having this last debate in the form of Jeopardy was brilliant! Rick Perry's Final Jeopardy answer was simply, "What is..."

  • 1365 days ago via site
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Hey, I figured out why Boehner is so orange. He over-corrected for his original green coloring.

  • 1385 days ago via site
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Hey look! It's the Bridge Club in Hell.

  • 1390 days ago via site
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Breaking news from CNN about #Newt and #Trump!!!

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Day three of my Advent Calendar of women who were sexually harassed by Herman Cain.

  • 1401 days ago via site
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Proof Coach Bernie Fine was molesting boys. On his clipboard, an obvious diagram for penetration.

  • 1406 days ago via site
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Proof Syracuse Coach Bernie Fine was molesting boys. Just look at his clipboard. It's clearly a diagram for penetration.

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Based on this detail from The Lorax poster, I'd say he speaks not only for the trees but for the bushes, too. (wink wink)

  • 1419 days ago via site
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Tonight's debate in a nutshell.

  • 1421 days ago via site
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When I think about Chris Christie, I don't think Wall Street. Or Main Street. I think Greenstreet.

  • 1465 days ago via site
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What a DEATH PANEL looks like.

  • 1471 days ago via site
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The GOP issued this well-reasoned response to Chuck Schumer's call for a vote on the "Buffett Tax."

  • 1475 days ago via site
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Turns out, the look Rick Perry is going for is--surprisingly--NOT Reagan.

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Those two guys at the debate last night looked familiar. Maybe it was the white collars and blue ties?

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