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From the EA Need for Speed team, we're here to chat with you about The Run, SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED, Hot Pursuit, World, and anything else in the NFS universe.

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A few lucky people get to go behind close doors and see exclusive looks at #TheRun! #gamescom

We're barely 15 min into the day and there's already a line waiting to play #TheRun!

One last picture #gamescom

Criterion's Burnout CRASH! has also been a big hit (no pun) with everyone who has tried it! Huge laughs

There's also a gorgeous Porsche GT2 at #TheRun booth!

Shoutout to Kevin from who just did Independence Pass! First reaction "I'm still shaking!"

A nice shot of our setup at the booth...lots digging the driving chairs #TheRun

People are lined up to play #TheRun...and take pictures with the NFS Girls

Day 1 of #gamescom has begun! I mentioned we brought a friend to our booth right? #TheRun

Battlefield 3 just showed co-op mode and the craziest multiplayer map I've ever seen! Fighter Jets FTW!!! #mayhem!

FIFA 12 is up and it's incredible how much they have improved upon such a great game!

Now showing new MMO "The Secret World" ...going to be really in-depth! 500+ skills. #gamescom

For those waiting for Reckoning, Ken Rolston is on stage giving an energetic presentation

SSX now on stage...looks like a ton of fun to play and loads of social competition!

Mass Effect 3 is going to live up to the hype! Way cool. Out March 6,2012 in NA!

Now talking Star Wars The Old Republic...this game will be epic!

More boulders tumble as Drew has to navigate the dangerous conditions...the Audi is taken out by a falling boulder!

He's weaving in and out of snowbanks, crashing trees and huge rocks while chasing an Audi R8!

NFSDrew is on the stage playing Independence Pass! Avalanche Blasting causes snow and boulders to trash the road!

Walking on stage is Executive Producer Jason DeLong... The Run will have all kinds of locales, 200 racers, 300km of rd