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RT : U cud use this '@' -_-: I jus want ? bac

We care "RipENGLISH: Not Leaving This "BED" Until 12_Pm ^_^"

RT : Bread z just 70naira and butter is 20naira.": Time to get a BB buh no money :("

RT : Tell me more !": :s RT : Wat sort of fuckrey is dis???"

: Stop recycling boys.

RT : Your own is In heaven RT ?: ?? RT : Everybody don dey get bf...... Lord where is my own!!!!!?

RT : I see ": Girls that like their boobs being sucked have bigger boobs."

RT : The mind is a really big place its bigger dan we imagine

": *pause* Wait!! U say? ": This stupid school...I'll already losing weight :(""

RT : I slapped Him Now :| RT : Wah was yhur reply? "RipENGLISH: A Teacher Asking Me If Today Is Monday :s"

Mission impossible baby!!!!

RT : U r noticed": Congrats": Am not. A jew""

RT : who is deceiving who?

Take 1 a day : *steps on cockroach* die bitch, die muthafucka, die, die, die, die. *sigh*

RT : Even God knows u aint normal : Choi!!!! So nobody feels am normal *smh* my God will fyt 4 me

RT : I'm leavn jere...

RT : Yes, I'm temitayo's mum ": Look huz talkin : its past ur bedtime"

RT : I shld drop dis fone

RT : Mosquito RT": 58) What is your favourite animal?"