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Wat na!!!!! >:(

RT : #ThingsThatCanLeadToSex My cute EYEBROWS!

RT : (??? ) we r beefn each oda,him dey owe me money! ": Meet Wizkid : I wnt a shalla,sombori pls gimme a shalla..... :("

RT : Ouch!!hurts!!;) : Y dnt u kno ow 2 use Google?: Y do guys colour block?""

RT : Ah mean": So? ": It's my first crush's birthday (??.?????)""

RT : Some lawyers are just too crazy

RT : #Gbam ": #Le Struggle to b Funny ----> : A typical IGBO girl 's Vagina can swallow 5 sta ...

": Kim Kardashian Paid ?78 Million For coming to Nigeria ?? Lwkmd"

RT : You won't believe what I'm drinking.

Tell me more : Durh, its what both of us and the entire faculty is practising to do for a living.

RT : As do I, in women.": Kai!! I hav beta taste in men : No, preye. WE are not getting married.

RT : birds of a feather f**ck together :)

RT : Dnt LOOOL in my mention ooo ! Sheybi u sed I shud go away RT : LOL : The horse got (cont)

Ifa must know dis : How are we to know": Who is my Val sef"

RT : Feb 14 INSTALLING LOVE ??????????????????? 44% Installation failed Error 404: troubleshooting for causes RESULT :: Pls INSTALL MONEY FIRST!!

RT : Say God!": It is only in Nigeria that men see women as food while women see men as banks.""

RT : Am a bad friend :(