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HELP WILDLIFE VIA ART OF LENS Do for endangered species. Decided to sell images for raise some funds for wildlife & also fuel to my photography passion.

Photos and Videos by @NaturePassion

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“...Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."

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Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right. welcome

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Merry Christmas!! my #Followers #Recent and my special friend

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To be successful, You must accept all the challanges. That come your way. You just can't accept the ones you like..

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Every successful person has a painful story; Every painful story has a successful ending; Accept the pain and Get ready for Success..Good Evening!!

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Our Thoughts and imaginations are the only real limits to our possibilties..Good Morning!!!

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‘Colors and Lights – Diwali’ #DiwaliWithPT

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Golden Temple On Diwali ‘Colors and Lights – Diwali’ #DiwaliWithPT

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‘Colors and Lights – Diwali’ #DiwaliWithPT

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#Tiger #Photography

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The body of the Checkered Keel Back #snake is short, cylindrical and has a clear neck. Its head is slightly pointed. The eyes consist of a round pupils. Nostrils are narrow, directed slightly upwards. The tail is long. The female is longer in length than a male. They are both diurnal & nocturnal. It’s a water snake from the plains, abundant in water ways, such as flooded rice fields, ponds, lakes, marshes & rivers. They are very good swimmers. In dry hot conditions, they undergo aestivation in groups. In colder regions, it hibernates. They are known to be very aggressive. When threatened they attempt to bite, by flattening the head & the neck as Cobra. The bite may cause just wounds but it will not be toxic. They may also release an odor which has a bad smell.

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#TIGERS CAN PLAY A SERIOUS #GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK :- Tigers live in several types of environments, including forests, wetlands, and grasslands, but regardless of their surroundings, they use their stripes as the ultimate camouflage. Normally dark brown or black, these markings cover tigers from head to toe and allow them to become nearly invisible when hunting and stalking their prey.
Like fingerprints, each set of stripes is unique and no two tigers have the same pattern. The look is not just cosmetic and superficial either – even if you were to shave all of its fur off, a tiger would still have its stripes!

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#Golden Orioles :-#birsds #photography Orioles feed on fruits, nectar and insects.They are capable of dispersing the seeds of many berry-bearing plants including the invasive Lantana camara. An oriole has been recorded preying on Draco dussumieri. Their flight is dipping but strong and has been recorded to reach about 40 km/h. They sometimes bathe by repeatedly flying into a small pool of water. An individual ringed in Gujarat was recovered in Tajikistan more than nine years later.[8]
The breeding season is April to August, the nest being a small cup placed in a fork near the end of a branch. Nests are often built in the vicinity of the nest of a Black Drongo.[2] Two or three white eggs with reddish, brown and black speckling form the typical clutch. Both parents take part in nest and brood care, defending the nest against intruding birds such as shikras and crows.[8]

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Another birthday gift

Happy Valentine Day! and all my #TweeterFriends

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My #Birds #Photography Of #Heron

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It is my #Dog #GermanShepard

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Happy #Teddy Day To All My #Followers

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Morning #Photo For Specially

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