A cat that likes cat food! Draws but is bad at it and is WAY obsessed with cats. Just a regular everyday cat. Cheers!

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Got you, Beck!

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Cats :D

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My cat! :3

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Legends foretold of a runic mage with unspeakable power. The name "The Summoner" was feared by even the greatest heroes or the most wicked of dark beings. His arcane runes could overpower even the strongest beasts, enslave their minds and restrict or enchant their powers. When Nulgath came to Oversoul The Summoner sought the great fiend, to add him to his collection. It was a great battle, but Nulgath's dark apprentice Skew enslaved The Summoner by demonic magic-draining chains, never to be seen again.
Centuries passed and the tale of The Summoner again roams the villages. They say The Summoner is back...

Thanks to Beck from oversoul for amazing art :D

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Happy Birthday Beck The Beetle!

Best Wishes,
~Natalon The Cat

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Name: Chaos (apprentice, veteran and so on)

Element: Chaos

*Player: Bow down to the CHAOS!
*Enemy: Our kind will soon infest this world...

Attacks: Simple - attack whit claw.
Special - charge energy to the eye on the chest and unleash a devastating beam!

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Mi first ever sig... YAY!!! :)

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Killed 100 zombies... NON STOP O_O

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Nulgath and Dage bows to seppy? :O

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My derp adventure.. Fighting derp pirates :D

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100 BludrutBrawl trophies :D

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Party :P

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