I am many things, none of which singularly defines me.

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Yeppers! My view:

I just went to drink this. It made me sad.


How to trash a floor in one easy step.

One suspects the content of the Self Raising Flour container is not in actual fact, Self Raising Flour.

Huh?! No wonder I don’t want to get out of bed!

Apparently my mobile WIFI has voicemail (?!) and I have two messages. #WTF

It’s okay, I found a solution! #lazinessabounds

Hrm. I suspect this is to going to work for my planned night of TV watching. :(

I almost have the collection. #fangirl #locallymade

Foamiest long black ever.

This woman thinks joining the queue at the end is for suckers. She joins at the side.

Some people really have no social awareness. It’s a KIDS show!

Damn it! I forgot to change the weather settings. I didn’t need to know that!

Welcoming party. Outstanding warrants, as I understand.

Yeah! Looks green.

Decided to put some books on my phone for Monday. This made me chuckle.

I sat here for 20 minutes. On leaving, I noticed this. #newmaccas

I dreamed last night that I had a cigarette and ruined all my easy work.

I sent 2 articles to my ex re the sexualisation of children's characters and feminism. This is what Ms4 came home with.