Y'all, do I have to do the splits? I'm a Christian.

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: everyone please troll and then block him with impunity” // like this?

Somehow, this doesn't comfort me.

Never, ever forget. #thewayanswarnedus


twitter has spoken

Rice Owls are the American-est Owls of bowl season:

MY niece can coordinate a romper I bought with a complementary yet not matchy-matchy headband #NIECEWARS

This is the entire email. I guess I get what they were going for, but it's kinda strange.

This is also in there, but it's entirely appropriate.

Facebook has funny ideas about my "big moments of 2012," a year in which I got engaged, got a niece and got published.


These always unsettle me for some reason.

Thanks! I don't have any actual pictures yet, but here's a crummy phone shot:

MY niece has trained an ill-tempered cat to imitate her every move, AND your video won't load #NIECEWARS

Making my day in spite of this atrocity: Bielema, and my BFF getting this mistaken text from a guy ISO a gazelle

if we all join together and use this as our one photo of Bret Bielema maybe he'll actually grow a headset unicorn horn

Thanks to the Little Caesars Bowl's ignorance of the BCC button, everybody on their mailing list is being spammed with:

does this mean you don't want one of our Christmas cards :(

current mood #foobaw