Y'all, do I have to do the splits? I'm a Christian.

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I love my Twitter feed most days, but this afternoon has been really special:

Today, in This Old House Is Haunted And Will Probably Kill Us Both

for whoever it was said YOU DID NOT REALLY NAME THEM THAT (not pictured: Eltoro FreiPod)

new favorite spambot

well, this is promising

Without question my favorite-ever banner ad at work.

FTFY “: Don't ever pick out a full beard, because this:"

Found my wedding shoes!

My "recent photos" are pretty telling right now

On our 1st VDay we watched that Discovery special on dinosaur sex. Beautiful callback gift, .

Happy Valentine's Day, fig. 4:

Happy Valentine's Day, fig. 3:

Happy Valentine's Day, fig. 2:

Really, every year we're all just chasing this greatness, and falling painfully short:

Happy Valentine's Day, fig. 1:

Photographing NCAA-compliant breakfast sandwiches. AJ looks oddly poignant here.

solved this thing #chrisrixassholecat

"Holy Fucking Shit! Snow In The ‘Bu!" is the second greatest headline of our generation, trailing only:

ready, set, MEME