striving to be a productive member of art society. I am also a wizard.

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These 2 plates repersent half the cookies. Also somehow the kitchen is cleaner now than it was when I began


Teacakes! NOOOOOOO

I did this earlier today... TWITTER IS MAH NEW FRIDGE!

Have a shitty acceo card :D (no really.)

Bristow is investagating Equestria!

AND THEN I FEASTED! Ok not really. I can't hug every cookie... but I'm excite! OMNOMNOM

Shitty day is less shitty. I can has gift basket! (I hope that tin has cookies)

Spaceship makes the moon seem bigger...

I've got a golden ticket!... or claim slip! I'm useful! Or atleast needed... or something.

left alone, there is a lift, a pepsi machine and an ash tin off screen. ITS TIME FOR SCIENCE! #OhNami #CompactorDeath

Hey its like a slaver ship! >D

What is happening! I don't even


Can you spot the boulder that is wedged under this guys back axel and making him block traffic? (Dude, that sucks)

I hurt myself on a cactus taking picture of BUNNEH!

Lol Bristow <3

Battle pugs know how to party? (Ruff sketch)

Deer stare down!

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