Young, fierce Persian, Jesus lover, writer, loyal friend, rain lover, daughter, and mommy-to-be :) #LovingLife #countingblessings

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Partying tonight in my basement with ma gurlls. Virgin cocktails and tunes all night long ;) #pout #redlips #bam

Missing my dog Midnight very badly. I hope he knows I think of him everyday <3

Awww my boyfriend hand delivered this bouquet of a dozen roses to me out of nowhere. He's seriously the sweetest :')

As you can see, all the papers in Canada would rather talk about this than gun control ;P #withdrawals

My dog is the cutest thing, he's the cuddliest little baby black bear :D #lovehim

This is absolutely wrong and disgusting. #noheart #beautyisonlyskindeep

Wonderful artwork . The next Picasso.

Monday mornings are just better this way... #fruitsalad

Good night my natural beauties!!! #zeromakeup #noproduct #loveyourself

Lol my brother just leaves his baked muffins with the fruit. He's trying to sabotage my healthy eating!

Even during the lockout, it's hockey night in Canada!! :D

I am an awesome hairdresser! Love doing 's hurrr for her! #talks #music #girltime

It isn't Christmas at my mother's if there's not a beautiful bouquet of flowers present.

This is how my brother writes cards for my dad... You know our family is Persian when... #persianprobs

Awww our first present we received as a couple for our first Christmas together :) #cheesymoments #happyholidays

He's like a bear: As soon as he eats, he sleeps afterwards. I don't mind the cuddling though :) #mysweetbestfriend

Drinking like a boss ;)

Leaving the curls for dinner tonight!

Another day at the office. #christmasisuponus

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