I'm an undercover ninja warrior who works for pretty unicorns. - #SupportYemen

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Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry are practically identical its scary...

The 'burger' cake my bro made :) why a burger lookalike? Why not!

so excited, I finally got a kobo eReader! I'm gonna have so much fun reading :) lol

So I don't even have a pen, & next to me pulls out her iPad... Okkkay... -__- loool

LMAO a text I found off being all over dramatic & stuff HAHA! Mi :') hablaaaah.

Getting shisha tips off a 16 year old. -__-

The cool seats. -

Bored! Decided to write my name in the Hieroglyphic alphabet... Its just a bunch of birds really lol

So this is the pic my mother sent me at 4am :| #LOOOL

So your telling me that isn't the coolest looking shisha ever? Its a bloody coconut! #Egypt

purposely messing up her section just to have something to do in work. Lmao :L

Noo? Taylor Momsen is the little girl off The Grinch?!

N'awwhh <3

Owwhh lavvleeyy indian restaurant... :D

LMFAO, I just breathed & my button just broke, now that's what you call fat!


The size of my little brothers thumb is not even normal especially compared to the ipod! Freak :|

Awwhh remember when we smuggled your kitty into Shisha?!! Lmaooo!

If you don't know what film this is off you should slap yourself in the face with a shoe.