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Seriously? Who gets gross spam texts like this? Spammers...please call: 865-356-0983, thanks! #karma

Sunset setting over St. Anthony. A lot more peaceful than the commotion we caused changing outside the Guthrie. #oops

- how cute does in her new maxi dress?

It's intern appreciation night, and and got me this! #bestinternsever

Now here we are with the pouty face!

Bsn night our with VIP guest ! Love my interns !!!

the found out I was reporting live from #Fenway & realized I was a "must" follow:

Made proud & got the whole wheat ones w egg whites! RT : 49er flapjacks r the best!

holy rushed, crazy morning! I can finally enjoy my delicious (yet brown now) snack...

Love the support in #Needham for their hometown girl ... #Olympics

Judy's little busy getting on the T after the #redsox and #twins game...

Panoramic of #Fenway

we may have to break up, they were delish! Found something for you...

Dear should try to not let the other team hit home runs. Even I noticed that one!

How cute is this? A little girl sketching this. An artist in the making!

Thanks to at Sweet Basil for the amazing food, best customer service, and sending me home w their pesto!

I think it's safe to say, I will not be getting this conceal and carry Groupon...I'll stick to happy hour and spa ones.

the same guys are performing in Boston as Nola...same jokes and all, lol!

has a really efficient boarding process. Been in line for 20+ minutes...

My flying routine, to read smut! Even though I only make it 5 pages before falling asleep.