Gil Jacobson


Chillin wherever da beer is cool nd da girls r wet.. Other than dat I'm jus ur average mall customer... Do u kno where any sales are?

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The thirst is about 2 be quenched

Oh yea, this is what I luv about Cali

In a minute I'm bout 2 stop tweetin nd dive in what's left of this bucket b

I aint got on 11's but but 5's r pretty niiiice ": RT this if you got fresh 11's on"

yo I miss seeing christine devine from channel 11 news, she is 1 big tittied milf

I'd luv 2 add ur monthly visitor 2 my monthly visitor concoction. #periodOnIce

Real nigguz drink they queens period struggle on ice wit no questions asked b. #shrugs

Bout 2 be livin dat egg roll nd spare ribs life tho. #chineseFood

: remember...b4 u slander .. #TwitpicYaBabyMoms: fuk NMinaj here's my bmomz

Im not evil, wait yes I am lol but Im feelin da xmas spirit so Im bout 2 send u da pik

ur illuminati app iz still under review. Hav u signed da release 4 ur soul yet?

I kno its early but aint nuthn lik a blunt nd sum crushed grapes 4 breakfast. Breakfast of champions

U kno me, I jus chillin lol

#Illuminati. Welcome 2 my world

These goons need 2 be apprehended asap

Christine Divine where u been all my life.

Mariska Hargitay where u been all my life

don't fight it. Embrace it my brovas. Satan

Smoke time

Bachelor life cookin tho #driveThruShit b