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A HUGE fan of OneRepublic, Paul Walker & Josh Duhamel!! Also Ian Somerhalder, TVD, TakeThat, WestLife, Sons of Sylvia. @OneRepublic Followed me on 4/1/2011 ♥

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حق كل وحدة يت اسألت صوت ولا لا!

I've already seen it! It came out on February 28th here in Kuwait, amazing movie!!

watched #Fast6 3 times! Twice today! Lol... This movie is so awesome!! ❤

Lol... I made this...

Yes! Our cinema made me wait this long to watch your movie!! I did wait!! It was absolutely worth it!! x

Turn off the lights and everything everyone! #EarthHour #EarthHourKuwait

Hello Paul, I went 2 c #Vehicle19 today!! It was amazing! I loved it so much!! U were amazing in it!

I love your photos for colcci!! These 2 are my fav! xo

I love your photos for colcci!! These 2 are my fav! xo

lol... I'm out of ways to get you to tweet me, so I thought this might work xD

دكتور الكلام ما يكفي تويتة وحدة فحطيته بصوره، اتمنى انك تقراها و تعطيني رايك لأني محتاجة له، و شكرًا

#BirthdayGirl Dior dinner

Dior dinner #BirthdayGirl

wow... same in Kuwait! That's weird

Good night world! :) I leave you w/ a lovely pic of my hero, #Fast6... Can't wait any longer! ♥♥♥

"I don't know why that always makes me smile." #Damon #TVD ♥ xD

Next Thursday! #TVDS4! Yay!!! ♥

OMG! OMG! OMG!! This pic! HOT!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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