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The oath is firm to continue this difficult Jihad, this long Jihad, in the path of martyrs, the path of sacrifices. Abu Amar. I live in Occupied Palestine/48

Photos and Videos by @NabiSaleh

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Sad reminder that Nakba Day is near

The new Wall at Bilin complete with 2 separate barbed wire blockades to keep us at a distance

Strongly suspect that these non indigenous trees in Haifa conceal the site of a Palestinian village

Hamoodi is our spiderman of Bilin!

Here is Rani as he is every week

Abdallah Abu Rahma raises the flag high as he dialouges wih the jeesh

Duly protected against sun & gas!

The Wall's route is clearly intended to maxmize the land theft under the guise of "security"

We must hope that all the gas cannisters do not ignite the olive trees

Always helps to know they are ready to help

New Wall with massive construction just behind it

This was their view of us before

Here was the epicenter of the confrontations

Basem & Jawaher brother & sister together now forever

Handala is the son of every Palestinian Family. Here he is in Bilin

The poster in memory of Basem & Jawaher, Ashraf's brother & sister

Fruits & vegetables in Bilin

Bus Stop duly decorated near Bilin

The gr

In the village of Nabi Saleh, the prisoner Saeed Tamimi remains in everyones' thoughts & prayers