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Exploring New York City one sidewalk at a time, stopping only for cocktails, food, the arts, protests, parties, parades and all chaos that erupts.

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SweetTooth love for a strawberry cupcake

Drinking a meticulously good cup of coffee

What a way to make an entrance, two cool parked out front of

Comfort? I'd say YES! Check out everyone at #ComfortClassics

Even Sarabeth herself can't resist her #ComfortClassics Raspberry Bread Pudding

A big #ComfortClassics favorite "Ribs"

Even Saraneth herself can't resist her #ComfortClassics Raspberry Bread Pudding

A true NYC #ComfortClassics is a Pastrami sandwich

Gettin' my #DitchDogs on cause dared me to #ComfortClassics

It wouldn't be #ComfortClassics without an Spritzer

My vote goes to the of burgers w/pork belly, fried onions Burger BBQ & Beer Bash

They said, "The Wellington is the best I'll ever eat!" after 3rd I'm still deciding ; )

Chef Goncalves: "Chorizo, want one?" Me: Obrigada! #BurgerBash

Ever seen a snow cone made so angry... yet delicious Anti-Gala #MCC2012 #NYC

Seeing is Believing Anti-Gala Closing Party #MCC2012

Thanks for holding my Spider Monkey Anti-Gala #MCC2012

Seriously good punch by Brand Ambassador Manny #MCC2012

Um... and #nuffsaid The 2012 Anti-Gala #MCC2012

To get in #MCC2012 Anti-Gala a secret password is needed, then to get up elevator you need a

I do love walking #NYC sidewalks. I really do! #HellsKitchen