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What's wrong with this picture? It's from the sign-in screen...

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This #GRFSBeta challenge can't be right. It's over 3 miles! #GRFS

What I saw in the #FavoriteSuperHero TT made me sad as a geek, until I got to the bottom & found hope.

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Yep, going back a bit. Now Playing - #GTASA

Hey, . This is what I mean by you stock tons of games nobody wants & 1 of games everyone wants. #BF3

I don't need to.

Kind of misleading XBLA game Dashboard ad. Had me hyped for a new game. #TSCW

The situation does suck for all the employees, though.

This was my #FamilyGuyOnline character. It let me in there a few months back but wouldn't let me play.

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Bam! Bought at Wal-mart. #ME3


Response f/ person I reported yesterday for phishing & scamming msgs, . Told him he's in violation.

Reported for phishing and scamming.

Today's fridge magnet lesson for my kiddo. #GeekPadawan #ME3

Q7 My kiddo's 17 mos. He's going to dentist early as possible. We use this BTW. #AquafreshTraining

Second, black lettuce might be ok in a dumpster meal, but not on the sandwich I'm paying you for, .

Bought these today. For comic book fans, you can never start your little #GeekPadawan too early. #LittlePeople

At long last, I have found the sweet nectar of the deities. VICTORY IS MINE, and delicious too lol! #Orangina

So forced me to get new sneakers. I'm quite predictable in my choice.

I've been using XBLR since April & that deal has been there since. Only used it recently.

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