Master of the #emoji game. i'm basically Schrödinger's hipster. fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care. Let's go to Paris'. I wanna RAWB. #cmgr

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My hair is Fitzing today. I hope the curl is approved.

My Tomagotchi died :( I don't think I can handle all this 1997 secondhand sadness.

I get Lucille Bluth shifty eyes when I don't have any new work emails. Currently flying over Michigan. Go blue!

#booskerdoo is literally the best coffee in NJ! ☕

Wait. Can they see me naked?

. sleeping on a cot. #PrayForNick

Hey , I just stumbled out of 1996! Where's my handsome reward?!

Conducting business as usual at #FightTheLiving

Can not wait to see bitches

How early is too early to be reenacting Rent via emoji?