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Star Trek day begins with a CCG tournament and then meeting . I can't tell wait!

Star Trek day begins with a Cancer tournament and then meeting up with . I can't wait!

Bread bread bread!

It's bread!! 36 minutes... come on hurry!

Starfleet necklace from ! <3

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Cheese curds for those who didn't know what they were.

Funny. I was just telling someone that there WAS a spoon all along! #nocontext

Spotify found the most 90s album cover it could for this track:

New dress and a new bow! <3

Hot pink and brown goes together right? Right? It does today! Fuck it, we'll do it live!

Today I again wear the colors of my people: plaid. Now with a Christmas touch!

Showing that 3F means nothing. Still rocking skirts in winter!

What is this book that came in the mail? Some sort of printed Internet?

I take it back, here is my most valuable card:

There was! I have the SNES and Game Boy versions.

Look at these great locales on Monopoly, .com edition:

I spent far too much money on STCCG. #athometweets

At my parents’ house. Found my gold mine!

Bacon in a glass with peanut butter.