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Another exciting day in the Mojave desert as 's GENIE takes a 440m+ ride on 's Xombie.

SLIDE - "Why sample small bodies?" from Arrieta's presentation. #niac2013

Winglee discusses "crashing rockets" and the data his team aims to learn from their efforts. #niac2013

Lantoine discusses using gravity and electromagnetic forces for spacecraft propulsion. #niac2013

Hoyt describes a spiderbot that "could build a Arecibo in space." #niac2013

McCue describes a cryobot descending through ice. #niac2013

"Exploration of Under-Ice Regions with Ocean Profiling Agents (EUROPA)" presented by Leigh McCue. Comm & Nav SLIDE.

SLIDE - "Water Walls Applied to a TransHab-type Inflatable Module" #niac2013

"Challenges of Current Supersonic Airplanes" as presented by Gecheng Zha during #niac2013.

Landis' #niac2013 presentation provides examples of landsailing devices on Earth. Here's a "windwagon" from the 1860s

Landis discusses a rover on Venus. One thought is to use the wind on Venus for rover mobility. #niac2013

Venus: A Challenge for Exploration. A slide from Geoffrey Landis' #niac2013 presentation.

"The inner planets shown more or less to scale." #niac2013

#niac2013 SLIDE - Economic Impact of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education and outreach:

Kubendran discusses GENIE payload driving system. Shows off awesome video. #nasatechdays

Andy Petro discusses 2013 plans for NASA's Small Spacecraft Technology program. #NASATechDays

Andy Petro is discussing NASA's Small Spacecraft Technology program. Shows off a cubesat. #NASATechDays

How You Can Get Involved with NASA Centennial Challenges. #NASATechDays

NASA Centennial Challenge plans for 2013. #NASATechDays

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