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#ICESCAPE ... almost at the Chukchi hotspot, site of a huge phytoplankton bloom in 2010. What will we see in 2011?

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An #IceBridge mission on April 25 was cut short by a cracked windshield on the B200. A new window arrived today and is being installed. Credit: NASA/Lora Koenig

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The last #IceBridge science mission from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, on April 26 surveyed glaciers around Geikie Plateau. The plateau's razor-sharp flood basalts were spectacular! Credit: Michael Studinger

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Lora Koenig, #IceBridge project scientist, visually inspects the point where ice meets the ground at the calving front of Russell Glacier. Today, IceBridge instruments surveyed the same glacier from the air, following the "mowing-the-lawn" grid pattern. Credit: NASA

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A turbulent flight today for #IceBridge over southeast Greenland with winds up to 70 knots. What looks like clouds is actually wind-blown snow. Credit: Michael Studinger

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#IceBridge just back from a mission to coastal areas in southeast Greenland. Mountains and an open-water fjord surround one of the mission's targets, a small ice cap called Sukkertoppen Isflade. Credit: NASA/Michael Studinger

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B-200 completes a test flight with LVIS, a high-altitude laser altimeter, over Atlantic Ocean near Langley. Ready to join #IceBridge mission in Greenland on April 14th.

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#IceBridge flew today over Jakobshavn, Greenland's fastest moving glacier. Check out this image of the calving front. Thanks DMS team for the spectacular shot!

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The P-3 is back in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, after the speedy repair of a prop valve. Possible #IceBridge science flight tomorrow!

  • 1936 days ago via site
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Early this a.m., #IceBridge transited from Fairbanks, Alaska, back to Thule, Greenland. All aboard were treated to a spectacular show of the northern lights -- difficult to photograph from a moving airplane. The line on top is the P-3's HF radio antenna wire, illuminated by the aircraft's red strobe light. Thanks NASA/Jim Yungel for the great shot!

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Brrrrr! Storm conditions prevented #IceBridge from flying a sea ice flight today. Forecast for tomorrow looks better.

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Sea Ice and open and refrozen leads as seen during yesterday's "zigzag" mission over northwest Greenland. Credit: NASA/ATM

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#IceBridge is go for a sea ice mission today -- Sea Ice Zig Zag West! Stay tuned for pics following the flight.

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Bill Krabill describes ice elevation measurements, collected during NASA's 09-10 IceBridge campaign in Greenland, to an international audience of ice scientists gathered at Goddard this week for a Greenland/#IceBridge workshop.

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DC8: Just started final line, sun streaming in the windows through blue sky.

DC8: Flight line 2 nearly half-finished. Unlimited daylight left!

DC8: Our ATM laser is fired up and we're starting our first flight line

DC8: Image of P.I. Bay where icebergs are now numerous. Thanks Lori/SVS!

DC8: Rare cloud-free image of our flight area. Thanks EO!

DC8: We've taken off for the icy continent once again! Just 12 hours to go.

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