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The Final Inspection Team checks Endeavour for signs of ice or debris

  • 2660 days ago via site
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Endeavour's hatch is closed by members of the closeout crew

  • 2661 days ago via site
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The view from the Kennedy press site: Launch Pad 39A and the famous countdown clock.

  • 2661 days ago via site
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STS-127 Crew Walkout

  • 2661 days ago via site
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Shuttle Endeavour is framed by a windsock at Kennedy's Launch Pad 39A awaiting launch on the STS-127 mission. #fb

  • 2661 days ago via site
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Storm clouds approach Kennedy's Launch Pad 39A as space shuttle Endeavour awaits liftoff on the STS-127 mission on July 10. #fb

  • 2661 days ago via site
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A lightning strike at Launch Pad 39A during Friday's thunderstorm.

  • 2662 days ago via site
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Cmdr Mark Polansky is flanked by his STS-127 crewmates after the astronauts arrived at Kennedy to prepare for their upcoming launch.#fb

  • 2663 days ago via site
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The rotating service structure encases shuttle Endeavour for protection against the elements until launch day.

  • 2673 days ago via site
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On Kennedy's Pad 39A, workers prepare to remove the quick disconnect on the GUCP on space shuttle Endeavour's external fuel tank.

  • 2673 days ago via site
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A Delta IV rocket with the GOES-O satellite aboard lifted off at 6:51 p.m. EDT 6/27/09 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. #fb

  • 2674 days ago via site
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The mobile service tower on LC 37 at CCAFS has been removed from around a Delta IV rocket as preparations continue to launch the GOES-O satellite.#fb

  • 2677 days ago via site
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The GOES-O satellite perched atop a Delta IV rocket is ready for launch. #fb

  • 2678 days ago via site
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At Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in FL the GOES-O satellite has been lifted into the mobile service tower and mated with the Delta IV rocket. #fb

  • 2681 days ago via site
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The Atlas V rocket with NASA's LRO & LCROSS spacecrafts are on the pad at LC 41 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in FL. #fb

  • 2685 days ago via site
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Endeavour's external tank fuel line. #fb

  • 2687 days ago via site
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T-3 hours and holding

  • 2687 days ago via site
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Rays of light frame space shuttle Endeavour in this unusual angle.

  • 2687 days ago via site
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Space shuttle Endeavour awaits launch during fueling operations.

  • 2687 days ago via site
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After rollback of the RSS, Endeavour is closer to launch. The White Room is seen at the end of the orbiter access arm. #fb

  • 2687 days ago via site
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