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Our 3 "hurricane hunters" are flying to Tropical Storm Karl today. The Global Hawk left Calif. 1 hr ago.

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DC-8 back from Hurricane Earl, safe in Ft. Lauderdale. "Fun flight. Glad to be on solid ground!" -- NASA Langley correspondent Patrick Lynch.

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Well, look which agency has a nice placement in the iTunes "hot" free apps section.

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Getting Global Hawk home safely: GRIP mission scientists Scott Braun (standing) and John Molinari (left) work with Univ @ Albany students on weather forecasts for the GH return flight tonight. From GRIP "mission control" in Ft. Lauderdale.

View at 4:20 pm EDT from the Global Hawk of the southwest outskirts of Hurricane Earl (@ 60,000 ft).

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Here's our plan of attack on Hurricane Earl today: a "butterfly pattern" in & out of the eye several times.

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Global Hawk's view from 60,000 ft over the eye of Earl. Cirrus clouds blowing off the eyewall obscure view.

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Global Hawk & DC-8 flying in formation now, approaching eye of Hurricane Earl again. WB57 in Florida.

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Our intrepid correspondent, Patrick Lynch from NASA Langley, is on the DC-8 now flying into Earl.

Our Global Hawk heading north for another pass over Tropical Depression Frank now @ 60,000 ft.

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Global Hawk science drone just flew over Hurricane Frank, east Pacific. More on GRIP mission:

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Our friends at ULA successfully launched an Air Force satellite today at 7:07 a.m.EDT. Way to go!

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Our commercial colleague ULA rolls an Atlas V out to the pad to launch an Air Force satellite on Sat. Good luck!

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At NASA Day on the Hil in DC, visitors check out SCARAB, a lunar rover designed to operate with our astronauts.

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So what landed with Hayabusa's re-entry? Take a look. And NASA's airborne observing campaign

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and Germany's DLR Chairman Johann-Dietrich Wörner extend the Grace mission

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The Global Hawk is way up north now over Arctic sea ice. Here's what it sees far, far below.

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