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Mmmm, cake. Bonus: Greg Laden's ass plug.

maybe you could just disribute these at WIS2? could be a game changer

Washington DC where the motto on license plates commemorates the concept of whining like a little bitch

Hot squirrel he was tired after stashing the 4 or 5 peanuts I gave him

Wherein I squeeze the head off an overtly enthusiastic 20-something fitness instructor

forgot to add this picture in a previous tweet because I'm a dumbass

I was looking at the scaffolding of the Washington Monument through binoculars the other day.

Incidentally good to keep one of these handy at your desk: (nukes optional)

Not to sound like the "get off my lawn" guy, but pull your fucking pants up

damn I amuse myself sometimes

meanwhile my bug out bag with my bike gear, and some emergency food supplies

So bored I'm trying on sunglasses in an outlet store I think it's a little tag on the nose that really makes it.

Marooned in Selma, day 2: Breakfast Follow all my exciting tweets.

Strolling to get fed, in the ditch by motel, someone was having a crappier day.

Nope. dropped off the car and check into a motel luxurious


sure here's an artsy shot showing mans existential dilemma in a mechanistic universe

nothing to do but chill. just don't lean up against your car when its on the shoulder, that's pretty stupid

Pro Tip keep your AAA up to date like me. Burnt out clutch on I 40 near Benson North Carolina. Gimme my towtruck.

just had my clutch burn out on i-40 in North Carolina. pro-tip kids like me keep your AAA membership up to date. that'll learn me to do anything other than Twitter & videos