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matched set, really

mean Kummer this m

I start the morning working my core while tweeting Bonus: resonant farts.

Q. Are people required to be a fast fuck to LARP?

Eating curried lobster balls. Much larger than expected

Breakfast is served, pud-knockers


Decided to break gym routine and get in some museum contemplation time.

actually I'm halfway there

and the back

Here's a picture from my carte de visite collection

The wisdom tooth I'm about to have extracted is less painful than MGTOW horseshit

Doing my part to confuse people looking for gymspiration. First dry erase word was "it"

oh and you have to buy the shoulder strap & the federal brass on that

I just used a piece of knotted leather thong to attach the brass plate

fun fact: wearing a M1855 cartridge box as a man purse pisses people off in Confederate portion of a Cemetery

is to sort through the mess I've made of my stored Camping & survival gear

today's mission after I eat my delicious nutritious omlet, bagel & bacon

Now here's a trip down bad memory lane

Tourists walk past this and laugh. I don't know why