Cornerboy B


I just be chillin. Sophrosyne.

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Bout to start on this

Now THIS is a song!! *2 steps real playa like*

I miss my hotboy days

No.. Really.. You gotta be my boo Cuz, you fine.

You see her on the tl after she text you goodnight


When ya girl try to make u hang with her guy friend so you're comfortable with their friendship

My Gucci Mane belly hella gone now

"They did WHAT?"

Lettin Curren$y catalog float thru the crib. The vibe too perfect.

Boosie Back.

When you ask for some head when she on her period

When u tryna masturbate & you think you hear something

Cut. All. Of. That. Shit. Off

Everybody gets Bey tickets.

"You can still see pretty good with the $36 ticket."