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Massive Musso fan! @Kathy_Musso follows, @mitchelmusso has DMed me, RTed me x5, tweeted me x2 given me x2 shout outs and I'm in his favourite tweets list

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Yeah mate I was right. I'm never gonna meet this boy. The rest of New Zealand don't give him a chance, so yep.

I'm never gonna meet this boy am I? Cause I live in a dumbass country with the TINIEST Musso fan base ever :'(

I honestly can't get over how good Mitchel's hair looks

Oh hello ;)

Pair Of Kings on the tv in my hotel room! :D

Am I seriously THE only person out there who thinks Mitchel Musso looks even just a little bit like Dane Rumble here?

Back in the day.....the countdown from Mitchel Musso's first album :)

Fully into the Christmas spirit right now :D

"You see like, that's all just from that. Rock paper scissors. I don't lift weights. Pfft." -

Mitchel's in the first photo on the second page :)

Mitchel's in the first photo on the second page :)

Was from february this article, but I still read it all the time man. #ProudKiwi :D

Okay. Here's one :) Is it okay?

I wrote #Krook on my arm!! :D

I wrote #Krook on my arm!! :D

chances this guy will be in your mag again soon? Love you guys! but please include a poster or something

This just needed to be done ;) #NekMinnit

pic of the day! 13/11/11

This article back from
september raised some very good points about haters