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INDULGE w/healthy food! Quinoa pancakes, soy butter, maple syrup, brown rice bacon... all organic & yes, YUMMY!

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Another Murphy Fitness success story! Proud of Hard work, consistency & MURPHY-FIT CHOICES=amazing results!

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Sorry 4 the twitter "absence". Was busy welcoming my son in2 the world this week :)
...Parker Aloysius Murphy

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Pomegranate seeds R now in season! Find them @ Whole Foods, Farmer's Markets, etc. & sprinkle them on ur cereal, yogurt & salads!

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Contest tomorrow! Check in at, play, & win some Murphy Fitness Yoga Pants!

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If ur at ur local , pick 1 of these up & donate only $1/$5 to help put salad bars in schools :) Isn't it about time?!

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GREAT day yesterday w/family & friends 4 our baby shower. Click here 2 see if I'm having a boy or girl!

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Fun at the Brentwood Farmer's Market with ! Purchased Items? Pluots, all berries, white peaches, lemon soaked almonds, avocados and leafy greens.

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Many of the world's healthiest foods taste tart, bitter or pungent. If you like them, great! If CAN grow to like them! Examples: Kale, Granny Smith Apples, Watercress, Plain Greek or Icelandic Yogurt...

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Fave Summer Fruits are back: Try a pluot (plum and apricot hybrid) or a GOLDEN kiwi. Super refreshing and good for you too!

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Check out my brain-boosting moves in Woman's World Magazine. Exercise that causes you to focus on your balance and coordination improves your neuromuscular efficiency!

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Up early on a beautiful Sunday morning to teach a free circuit class at Lululemon Santa Monica. Thanks to all who came. Happy Spring! :)

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At Roxbury park filming a German television spot with Germany's Next Top Model winner Sara Nuru. Red carpet fitness tips!

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Congratulations Wendy Licis on winning the Twitter/Gravity fitness & spa contest! Wendy flew from Ohio, & 4 that kind of dedication, won 2 90 minute sessions! Check my blog next week for a full recap with pics and vids.

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Woke up this morning and went for a run in Central Park. 68 degrees and sunny. Absolutely beautiful! Now I'm off to some meetings!

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Add variations to your step-ups. Grab a medicine ball and perform a step-up, knee-up, ROTATION. Keep your abs tight!

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A reminder to my NY peeps! It's October... that means a FREE WEEK at Gravity fitness and spa at Le Parker Meridien. Just mention my name!

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1 of the best hamstring & lower back exercises is the romanian deadlift. Keep a nice flat back & knees slightly bent. Keep your weight towards your heels & make sure your head stays in a neutral position.

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Another reason to ditch the chips! I love this new find...Two Mom's in the Raw Gluten-Free Pesto Sea Crackers. Delish!

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1 of the best resistance moves 4 healthy shoulders are external rotations w/either a cable or rubber band. You can perform with a rubber band at home or office by simply tying the band around an armchair or door handle!

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