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Sorry to hear psychology didn't work out. Good luck with your new venture!

There's a simple solution for dangerous crossings that we all already agree is effective...

Looking forward to the director's cut.

I filmed a speaking role on yesterday. The "Cast" chair in the foreground is mine.

Traveling for work has just gone from figuratively to literally life threatening.

Great morning for a race. Great afternoon for a nap.

Surprise! He's early!!

Big news day.

Very good Jackie show tonight with Kevin McDonald from the Kids in the Hall. Super fun.

Boom!!! #ConsultingPilot promotional photo número two:

Check it out! It's the first #ConsultingPilot promotional photo! Starring & !!!

Check it out! It's the first #ConsultingPilot promotional photo!

You can't be any geek off the street.

Look for the helpers.

Here's some good news about !!!

Best Comedy in DC!!

(runner up)

Boldly going where no man has gone before...

As a man that works at Navigant,I'm flattered. As a man that expects there was no limit on how many times you can vote,

This is another great one.

A page from my production notes for the Consulting pilot. steals the scene, as intended. #ConsultingPilot

"You'll regret this Pee Wee. They're gonna make me Pope." - Francis