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I like technology, common sense, and other things as well.

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They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. How about 7 servers, 1 monitor, all plugged into a switch box

All in a days work (check out the before pics from a while ago) #ITsortation

Amazing burger at The Five Guys with . Now onto Avengers 3D Imax

Yes. #Beef

One for

And this is the worst part. Lol. Will spend next 2 weeks undoing all this

Someone really messed up my office while I was gone this year

And the one beside it. Looks unreal in person

Dynaplas must have really wanted me to come back! Check it out

Moving sucks. Some of my boxes look like a consumer electronics shrine or something though. #Weird. But not surprising.

Surprised/encouraged to see this scribbled in a #McGill library bathroom

'Today's Alarm Clock' for #PlayBook. Pretty slick app.

Sharp PB wallpapers from

Fire hazard? Or ultimate university computer set-up

Love this.

Best model name ever.


Coolest bottle of wine design I've seen in a long time. #DeepPurple