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What do you call THIS then? #MegaMagicFunDay #FakeyBirthday #BeNiceToMullies

My mum's two trees. http://twitpic.com/dotrws

My mum's two trees.

#winkparty Enjoying this WAY more than necessary....


For those of you thinking has tiny hands...Look! HUGE!

8230 likes. Wow.

Feel so hard done by right now. sent us delicious #menurelief #rednosedaypizza. What a terrible shame...

I see you've been taking style tips from again (cc ).

Like this?


If I paid £14.63 for a burger, I'd expect it to feature cheese not made out of plastic. Sort it ahhhht.

Can't stop looking at this dog. Looks a bit like Jack Nicholson. Brr.

You thought a dog's eyes could never be close together enough to be creepy, right?

And with all the billions of excess apostrophes there are in the world... *Face*

Yep. That's the face she'd be making. 'Oh, YOU! All on your iPad while I'm washing up! D'awww!'

That's lunch. This is breakfast:

Here's all smiley & that. Have hugged on Twitter's behalf (cc )

Brilliant necklace, courtesy of . Take THAT, oglers!