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I hope that white thing on the ground is trash and not that white mouse I used to see. =(

Okay, I officially have a new toy. My new printer prints on photo paper. These are a few of my fave phonecam pix.

Last one... Lucky 777 week.

2nd one... Lucky numba 777

Forgot I got pix of lucky #7 which haunted me last wk.; sorta reflecting my experiences during the wk. 1st one...

So, this just happened on the drive home. AYO 1111 (Infiniti)

Lmao...oops. Forgot to attach pic.

It happened again! Great Egret landed at my window!! This time I was able 2 capture it flying off...

Lucky Numba 7!

Voila! A cold, sweet n fruity concoction. Tastes amaaazing! Need 2 use that lil smoothie maker more often. Yum!

Fruity drink prep. Cranraspberry juice and pineapple sherbert chunks of real pineapple..

This bed is the devil. All I need is a fruity drink and it'd be just like a beachside/lakeside vacay.

Breakfast in bed. Ice cold cran raspberry juice = yummytime.

This is prolly my best shot, thus far. Poohoo. 2 much reflection off water to capture detail of colors on cam.

Up early to bake bacon. Thicker slices take longer to cook. Woke up hungry af so getting putting them in, now.

Haven't seen these since my childhood home...they're some kind of very mild pepper, I think. Never ate one...

Magical Twilight Sky n Full Moon morning, Twitterbooboos!

Dresser. I removed mirror from frame during mold prob. Decided not 2 put back cuz it freed wall space 4 Audrey. =p

My incomplete inspiration wall. Still got some pix to put up. Not enough space for all so must be very selective.

Zee packed closet pt. 2; all tops/shoes/bags...bed linens and whatnot.