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I am so cool playing Pokemon Yellow! :3

Rose keeping me company :p

I found this on the streets of Bristol- poor Rosie

Look what we found now. 2 of them. Mama is thinking about doing a Tim Burton theme.

Room is so messy and I like it when it is neat. Least there is a load of food to offer her when she comes round,

I am in bed though I see clouds outside.

Thank you Simon from :3

did you get all three letters?

here you go :)

We got a Creperie. Clear winner for food solutions now.

Last fortnight hand swelled up. Now it is my feet..My bodies has ISSUES!

Choc from in-laws only slightly different to what pictures looks like.

especially if this is seen as normal /romantic behavior. It is not. It is abuse, and people need to be aware

'..highlighing what #DomesticAbuse looks like. #christiangreyclassical example'.

' is raising awareness of #DomesticAbuse esp in #50shadesofgrey . Check out website for details!' Thanks!

What about printing out stickers of this and stick it in public toilets? So girls can read in privacy?x

Flat mate handed me this to eat. Sweet? (It is fish and rice dish)

Mmm, flame vodka pasta.

I am so stupid sometimes. Look what I Just found! D'oh!

Me with Blond I look good?