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NBA junkie. Dreams of using Marc Gasol as a body pillow. Yardbarker & MSN. Hear my slight southern drawl on the radio. If you wanna. #ThatMrsNBAChick

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": Infant vulgarity at its finest!"

I haven't used this pic yet ------>

and their grammar ------->

": “. RT : You want to see it again? -----> Lakers > Heat”<<no"

": If u were anybody else maybe I would be mad... RT : You want to see it again? Lakers > Heat"

": I have neat handwriting. #NCT"

CHEEEAAAA!!!! ": Boarding the plane now! Whats good #Denver ?

You are pushing it and ill hit you with this ------>

": Got to love how the #NBA made sure Stan Van Gundy was on the Christmas schedule for a third straight year."

LOL!!! Bosh just needs to come clean....secretly him & LBJ do this ---->

lmaaooo. Especially this one ------>

": Me either RT : I do not curse this much for real #Random"

": Saying I have a bunch of followers because I'm a girl is BS .. do you see tits in my avi? Nope .. so STFU"

": can't we all just get along? #RodneyKing"

#FF we have a #HateLoveRelationship but is still a NBA back follow. #ThisSumsItUp ----->

": No chance he goes to Jersey #NenetotheRockets"

": #TeamHEAT BITCH!"

": Tim Tebow doesn't belong in the pro bowl. Period. #DontDebateMe"

": Didn't I say I do a FF once the lockout ended? Yeah... I'm not doing it. lol"