Big #nature nut with #camera in hand! #Wildlife is always fun to #photograph. #followback Real person here.

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Sharing. A American Goldfinch Fledgeling and a Adult House finch both on the sunflowers.We do have the birds here!

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Cosmos Flower size difference.Both are cosmos.The bigger one,plants are giants, over 6 feet tall stalks to match

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3 Colors of Cosmos. You can see the big pink species are the biggest Cosmos Flowers we grow. Marigolds too

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Cosmos Flower Bloom.This is my favorite of our Cosmos flowers.Some turn out more white,some have red rims.

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Downy Woodpecker. I was tickled to see this little guy return......

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Painted Daisy Flower Bloom.These painted daisies are so flashy I just love seeing their blooms!

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Metallic Green Sweat Bee .They dont follow my rules well,you eat here I get your photograph! I got this 1 photo ha

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Blue Skipper Butterfly.This is one of the species of skippers we have established here. Getting a drink.

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Dahlia Blooming in the garden. The background is the Cosmos plants that are growing there as well, blurred out.

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Hoverfly Shadow Coming in For a Landing haha! Well it does look like the shadow is coming in for a landing haha

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Pink Don Juan Rose Flower Bloom. Guy has a understanding of Roses! They like him, this one is no different!

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Monarch Butterfly Flying Off. I personally was waiting to see what this would look like on my big monitor, keeper?

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Large Orange Poppy Flower Bloom.This one took a rest for a time in 2014.Clipped off the seed pods and walla!

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Cosmos Flower Blooms. 2014 is and was a great year for the cosmos flowers here in our garden!

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One of my boys who would show visitors how to lock and unlock one of the enclosures.

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Dove feeding fledgelings.We have A LOT of doves here,the one in the middle is the adult.Other two are fledgelings.

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Pink Don Juan Rose . We thought we had lost all our roses in a early frost after a warm day earlier this year.

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Red-breasted Nuthatch,this is the little bird came to see what I was doing.Small bird four inches,or so long.

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Cosmos Flower Bloom outside in our garden.

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Honeybee Working on the Cosmos Flower

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