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Watching Episode 5.

Beach walking and listening to with . Cosmic Queries: Venus with Dr. funky Spoon.

My sympathy for the smog problem. I’m having my annual sinus, sneezing fit from pine pollen.


Lots of Peeps today!

Yay! You made it on this beautiful day. I’m still at the beach enjoying it too.

Around 55 degrees. But people are swimming and body boarding.

I’m not leaving for awhile. Only been here 2 hours!

Soon you’ll be doing this! Turning into a cooked Lobster! Lol

Big Orange Ball headed your way!

Glad to hear it. I’m Doing great! Right now enjoying another beautiful day at the beach.

Looking Hi and Low for here at the Beach on this Beautiful Day!

You aren’t kidding! I’m beach walking right now and the spray is going backwards. Lol

Beach walking and listening to #82: Saturday Morning Number Three.

Been Dar, Done Dat Today! Still cool but nice walking weather.

A loaded for Bear BlackHawk just flew right over me!


Baby Starfish!

Beach walking, low tide. My favorite time. Still cold and windy. But the sun feels good!

You had to be there!! Lol