Dairy, grain and beef producer right in the middle of Minnesota and proud to be. Goofy most times, Serious only when necessary

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HAHAHA I's cute!

Is hoping truck is still available.

Just after I snapped pic a vehicle approached. one guess which way they flew.

The best part of wakin up..........

Just when you think it can't get worse

Been working on this upload for 8 hours now. AARG!

Cruisin fer home at tirdy miles per our.

HAHA I get to make mess you get to clean up. NOOO........SEE LEFT HAND!!

Cow and calf doing ok after c-section.

Gonna be a nasty scar. First C-section I had to do on a cow.

Awesome sunset

Crops completely washed away

Flattened corn

Corn so flatten can't evenn see the rows.

Driving into the storm.

This is what my wife gave me for a snack.

My wife was nasty. handed me this box and said you might like these.

Very nice car for daughtr for $4800

I know where that car is.

My day in a nut shell. And yes it was on the right diff.