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No shit.

This bar in Denver is wall-to-wall 25¢ arcade machines. All old stuff. Pretty impressive actually.

Crown. Royal. Black. The morning after.

That is a lot of awesome.

Knott's Scary Farm tonight. Going to get poopy-scared.

'Poltergeist' tonight at my favorite theater in LA.

'Arctic Force'?! Hell yeah I'll smear that on myself! Thanks Miles!

Bam. Deus Maxed.

I wish I could play Dark Souls on this thing. Or that it was full of Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

At the emergency room. Mrs Sark is either very sick OR she watched my BF3 Gameplay in today's Respawn. Will advise.

Now THIS is a game-con name badge. Short & sweet...

At a Best Buy event. Game con for Best Buy employees. Bizarre but awesome. Shortest lines evar!

Good morning PAX Day 2! On our interview schedule: Counterstrike, Dead Rising: Off the Record, Firefall, +some.

A PAX die-hard from last year. Exhibit A: Respawn Noob Tube.

Comic Con is awesome I bet. You know what else is awesome? RL OLYMPIA! So happy in this pic.

You made me do this while driving home. Frightened some nice WeHo gents. YOUR fault!

THIS is what the fuck I like to see when I walk into Ralph's . Bring it on.

Doing some last minute E3 crunching. Just the facts ma'am, just the facts. Gonna be a late night for sickboy...

Miles Davis The Cat has learned how to open & close my Xbox. Could be bad. Trying to get a video of it but he's wily...

Finally found the Buick Super Six I needed to 100% #LANoire.

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