Dee Man


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RT : Did u read my love letter

when a nigga feel fresh tho

When u catch somebody lying… hit em with the “BUT u said”… then they gonna be like “when I said that?”

When you be chilling… not bothering anybody and you hear a nigga tell a lie… you be like…

A nigga will tell you any damn thing LMMFAO… and I’ll sit there and listen like..

what you want me to do? I’m sorry!!! *Hov Voice*

RT : Favorites for later slander <— So!!!

RT : I may be young but I'm ready! <—

RT : Dee tells me that every morning. I'M SORRY NIGGA, SHIT! <—

RT : Sometimes when you emotionally drained you just need a good f....nvmd lol <— nah!!!

RT : Randolph gave the ref the death stare <—

Buying gas… #ThatsThatShitIDontLike #BangBang

RT : Guess I shouldn't mention I've never seen the wire <— Please tell me u joking

RT : I like to catch other ppl flirting lol


<— has never had eggnog… shit looks nasty… so I eurostep that shit every year

Yooo LMMFAO!!!!! #2013Faves

RT : And there goes dee man

RT :