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RT : I want LBJ to have a fiddy pernt triple double wit a rockets W <-- my nigga smh


Damn that's tuff!!!!!

RT Samuel L. Jackson will play Charles Ramsey. <-- yup

RT : got a nasty kitchen like Fetish? RT : Aint a skrip klub unless they......

RT : NO NO NO.. NOT TIN MY HOUSE!!!!!!! <--

Rockets should have won game 2 and this one smh... We fucked ourselves smh

Me after harden did that dumb ass no look pass to the nigga sitting in the front row

When Durant hit that lucky ass three that was definitely nothing but god I was like

When my rockets started to come back and got the lead!!!! I was like

Man when my nigga Delthreeno shot the 3 at the end I was like..

Man my rockets smh damn

Damn that loss hurt...

Man!!!!! #RedNation

Fuck Westbrook

RT : Jhonni's box < Fetish's kitchen


My rockets losing by thuddy smh

Man!!!! #RedNation