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If you reading this you nosey!! Just click follow I A'int Shit!!! I'm just here to laugh (at you preferably) #TeamHMF

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RT : ☝️ Mutumbo Finger.

RT : #HoldMyDih RT : RT : Beast Mode!!! —

Aight so let’s see what all the fuss is about…

You know when u get embarrassed u come back in the room explaining #nShit lol I’m just waiting like

RT : nigga Munchak, Vrabel, Crennel, if he get all of them…..

IDK what happened but y’all cooking dude lol… I’m sitting back like

RT : *passes out popcorn*

RT : You niggas petty <—

RT : Y’all hoes ain’t celibate! Why else would you be on Twitter?

RT : All this year. Last year. And three years before that.

of course we are

RT : Dee. I thought we were better than this? Smh <— my bad

RT : Ion fuck followers. Y'all trippin.

RT : 7 days clean … Thirst-less. <—

RT :

shiiiiiiiit.. Lemme think about it real quick…

RT : #ohumad

Laying in the bed comfortable as fuck like…

I’m out… bye Alex ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️