Dee Man


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RT : Y'all think it's nasty til he do it for you

RT : Start with the toes then work my way up to the box <--

RT : I wanna suck her toes with cold sprite <--

RT : I wanna suck her toes with cold sprite <--

man look...

RT : “: 0-6 RT : Damn the giants lost again!!! Smh” that shit crazy <--

37% already smh

RT : You kno 100% bout everybody else but what's the probability on that there DNA diagnostic? <--

RT : You feel some type of way KG
Where the celtics gonna be at this year? <-- here

RT : because i got a man? show him to me then

RT : you sending me a titpic? <--

RT : Drop ya number in my DMs thank you please. <--

RT : Jesus, Please Grip The Wood Grain Wheel

RT : mind yo gahdamn motherfuckin' business!

RT : *punts phone* <-- should have passed it instead

Y'all forgot or naw???

RT : you a fuckin lie. <--

you've seen me tweet we were gonna win the ship this year? U reaching