Dee Man


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RT : dee man is like mutambo (sc) wen he played for the sixers. nigga block all subs

Man I’m crying… texted my nigga and said Brady still got a chance lol nigga told me don’t text him no more lol

RT : Oh ": yessir LMMFAO" <—

RT :

RT : Oh yeah. Try em one time! <—


I was chilling smh… then I saw say she was riding with Brady

When you overhear somebody trying to volunteer you to do some shit…

Pussy had me like

RT : Dee rude as shit. LMAOOOO <—

RT : Jaheim first album is TIMELESS music!

RT : Whew Chile


“You mad bruh?!?!?”

Cam like… Please let me get in the endzone so I can get him back

Cam… Look at you!!! Emotional!!!!! Look at me king!!!!!!

RT : petty. lol RT : There’s only one .
#TroyBeingTroy . <—