“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

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A damn shame!!
#clippers #nba

RT I need to channel Ali, & Curt Flood. Don’t just shoot, pass & dribble. STAND UP!

RT I need 2 know thr is nothing wrong w/ being radical. No radicals mean no Civil Rights Movement!

Im so ashamed of the msg doc & & anyone else of color is sending 2 the youth. Not willing 2 #sacrifice

yr moment in black history is at hand!!
Dont B a house negro forever
Controlled by a dollar.. U2

RT Countdown to borndey.. 21 days to go. Wooooo!!! *Rick Flair voice*
19 to go Wooooo!!! *Sting voice*

oj was protecting his unstable brother.. do your homework sir. if not your being wreckless.
be a jurnalist and not a sheep

and is so up front with his disdain for black quarterbacks. real blaitant!!
and it shows..

how wld
B at home or out on a date ? that detailed analysys wld B funny away from the desk

still getting use to 75 degree winters in florida...

sum chic is the ref in a cage fight.. Damn cn dudes have anything. Im all 4 womens rights but gimmie a break
#UFC #mma

ask big brother
X-Raaaaaaaaaaayyy vision
If he sees any paaaaaarrrrtts of a Championship Ring.

sold stepped on street dope. (Fail)
sells uncut audio dope. (Win)

Then why hasnt brees won a game yet???
Falcons are 5 and 0

How tall is eli manning?... Or how short is this reporter??

Is that a typo???...

OH!!!! But i do have a cup holder!!!

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