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I'm a guy with a twitter account and a slight tendency to run with scissors.

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I JUST realized this... Guess I forgot when I rooted LOL

Yay! New party bowl!

Okay.. This makes me uneasy..

This makes a lot of sense..

Walking by the Apple store the other day.. Spotted a giant mini.

Spider on my iPad, don’t know if I want it anymore..

Calling this thing a “buggy” a Canadian only thing?

New song. Loving the fresh sound! Awesome single.

Goodbye iPad 3, you’ve been a good friend to me.

Added a new somethin’ somethin’ to my keychain.

Dang.. And I’ve only been with Bell for a day..

walked into chapters.. :p

Me in a nut shell.


Lightning without clouds? We’re in trouble..

So much awesome in this picture xD
Creds to for showing me

Valentines chocolates in late march? Okay.

I’m not a cashier but I get this a lot..

I need to get a haircut..

Got stuck with an IV. Cat scan in 2 hours. Yay