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Some say he's the 'Master of pens'. Some call him the 'The Justin Bieber of drawing'. Some say he fucks about for a living.

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Keepin' it FRESH -

I like to take cropped photos of signs so they say other things -

. sent me this. I would like to see a photo of me under the sign being held (like a baby) by a giant man

A sneak preview of the future. The future's bright, the future's gold -

Sorry deer, YOU ARE SO FUCKING LAST SEASON right now -

Boxes were shocked -

The horned tortoise is probably my favorite reptile, so I done a drawing of the little bastard -

More than 50% of the worlds art is made by mistake. Example- 'Tree' by unknown artist / pavement cleaner -

Morning everyone. HIPPO FASHIONS -

Not good likeness but I based the head on Gove!

Sometimes the world isn't good enough so you have to draw a new one. Today I went to nose mountain -

BE AWARE: Cross dressing paedophile in wig wam is operating in the area -

Unicycles only -

I done a drawing about coffee and eyes -

Wall was lonely

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